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Aangeboden een maand geleden door Lay3rs 3DPrinting Eindhoven (266x bekeken, 0x bewaard)




Lay3rs TPU Red
TPU is a specifically formulated flexible filament for easy & high speed printing on both direct and Bowden style 3D printers. TPU features an exceptionally high heat resistance (138℃) and can be stretched as far as 450% before reaching its breaking point. TPU does not require the use of a heated bed and can even be printed straight onto (clean) glass. TPU is the flexible filament for (semi)professional users who do not want to compromise and require a high mechanical flexible filament that prints easily. TPU is an extremely usable flex-filament with a wide variety of different applications such as Orthopedic insoles, Prosthetics, Vibration dampers and much more.
• Strong & Flexible
• Works on Direct & Bowden style 3D printers
• Printable at speeds of >75mm/s
• Exceptionally high softening point of 138°C
• 450% elongation at break
• Resistance to oils, greases & microorganisms
• Easily print watertight objects
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  • EAN (artikel code): 8719699151666
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  • SKU (eigen artikel code): TPU98A-175RD1-0500A

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