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From Polders to Skyscrapers

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An autobiographic story, ''From Polders To Skyscrapers'' describes life in the Netherlands during the 1930s and during WWII. In May 1940 Holland was invaded by Germany. After two years, the German occupation had forced many changes upon the citizens of Holland. A Dutch Underground Organization was created which would sabotage many of the German regulations. My youngest brother, an Underground Courier, was arrested in 1942, tried and condemned to five years in a political prisoners camp in Siegburg, Germany. In the Spring of 1945 Allied troops freed the prisoners and Rob became an interpreter for several months before returning home. Ultimately, he and a friend emigrated to the U.S. where he got married and visited Holland in 1948 to introduce his bride. He suggested I apply for a Visa to the U.S., and he would sponsor me. I emigrated in November 1952. A marriage lasting nine years preceded my career at a fiber company in Wilmington Delaware. A second marriage lasting five years made me a widow. Living in Washington D.C., my High School friend Henk Wackwitz contacted me inviting me to move to Van Alstyne Texas. I did, and we lived there more than twenty years until Henk passed away. My son Mike and his wife, who reside in Austin, Texas thought I might like to live there but lacking friends, my daughter instead proposed I move to Florida instead which I did in 2010. I now live happily in a lovely apartment in a Retirement Community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Life is good!

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