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Aangeboden 16 dagen geleden door Morel Muziek BV (36 x bekeken)




JStand Wave Desk studio furniture

Acoustic Furniture represents an entirely new concept in premium studio desk design, aiming to provide the most efficient workplace for musicians and producers possible by complementing the acoustic performance of the recording studio. The JStand acoustic desks are designed by Jan Morel who is a leading expert in complete studio designs and known for always selecting the right gear and best acoustic treatment. The desks are built by Vicoustic who guarantee premium quality regarding the desks’ bold design, sturdy built and acoustic performance.

With a workspace area of 1,50 square meters, The Wave Desk presents a minimal but sophisticated design, created to make sure all the precious studio time is spent in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Apart from its sturdy construction and built, WaveDesk aims also to enhance the acoustic environment with Vicycle foam 120mm thick, lling both legs of the desk, and Vicycle* foam with 60mm of thickness lling the whole desk, guaranteeing that the bass waves especially at the work and listening position are well tamed and enhances the studio performance acoustics-wise. Wave Desk is available in black or white.

Morel Muziek BV


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