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Aangeboden 16 dagen geleden door Morel Muziek BV (40 x bekeken)




JStand Wing Desk studio furniture

Acoustic Furniture represents an entirely new concept in premium studio desk design, aiming to provide the most efficient workplace for musicians and producers possible by complementing the acoustic performance of the recording studio. The JStand acoustic desks are designed by Jan Morel who is a leading expert in complete studio designs and known for always selecting the right gear and best acoustic treatment. The desks are built by Vicoustic who guarantee premium quality regarding the desks’ bold design, sturdy built and acoustic performance.

Wing Desk is built with high-quality MDF, presenting a thick glass workspace, guaranteeing a rigid and see-through surface to work on. Any length and number of cables can easily be hidden along the back of the Wing Desk, in a built-in cable runway, leaving the creative workspace as clean as possible. The upper stands position for the monitor speakers can be easily customised, making sure that the monitor speakers are placed in the correct place to achieve the stereo sweet spot at the perfect listening position.

Morel Muziek BV


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