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Aangeboden 8 maanden geleden door Drikus (624x bekeken, 1x bewaard)




Kenmerken Conditie : Nieuw Soort : Solid body Merk : Overige merken Beschrijving
- Falcon F: - Body: mahonie - - Nek: geboute esdoorn, palissander toets. Manne speciale nekverbinding! - Pickups: - 4 individueel / gezamenlijk aan te sluiten "Alnico V" Singlecoils -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ((Alnico V . The strongest Of Alnico , more powerful in tone and response. Its greater output makes it a good choice for bridge pickups, over which there is usually a smaller amount of string vibration. Good for an aggressive, punchy sound)) So let’s explain what’s special about alnico. In the early 1930s in Japan, alloys of iron, nickel and aluminum were found to display twice the strength of the best steel magnets of the time. Cobalt was soon found to be a useful addition to the mix, as cobalt alloys are highly corrosion-resistant. Iron alloys that contain alnico display a high resistance to heat and to loss of magnetism, and are hence used to make strong and durable permanent magnets. In fact, before the development of rare earth “super” magnets (i.e., neodymium and samarium-cobalt) in the 1970s and 1980s, alnico magnets were the strongest magnets you could get, capable of producing strength at their poles as high as 3,000 times the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.
In a nutshell then, alnico alloys make for very strong, long-lasting magnets.
Given their strength and durability, alnico alloys were consequently adopted for widespread consumer applications in which magnets with such properties were especially useful, such as electric motors, sensors, loudspeakers, etc.
And electric guitar pickups. At its simplest, an electric guitar pickup consists of a permanent magnet wrapped in coils of wire, so it stands to reason that high-quality magnets such as those containing alnico would make for high-quality guitar pickups. And that they did — alnico-magnet pickups were found to produce a smooth, warm and highly musical tone.
Sure enough, Fender started making pickups with alnico magnets as early as the late 1940s. Back then, alnico was the high-tech material of the age, and Fender continued to use it through the 1950s and 1960s. Technically more efficient ceramic magnets took over in a wide variety of commercial applications starting in the 1960s, but ceramic-magnet guitar pickups were found to have a generally harsher, more brittle sound with sharper peaks than their alnico predecessors. Many players and hence many manufacturers — Fender included !!!!! - stuck with the mellower rounded-peak tone of alnico pickups (analogous to “worn shock absorbers” in the words of one pickup expert), and their use continues to this day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Mechanica: Chrome - Besnaard met D' Addario - Kleur: MELLOW YELLOW . ------------------- Vier Alnico V-pickups met één spoel, bediend met knoppen, in- of uitgeschakeld, geven maximaal 15 geluiden in verschillende combinaties.
De gebogen brug van FALCON F biedt optimale sustain.
Een gebalanceerd en elegant ontwerp, SUPER RETRO LOOKS.
een gitaar met uitstekend bespeelbaarheid & prijs !!!
NIEUW IN DOOS € 350,00 LAAGSTE PRIJS !!!! VOOR MINDER GAAT DIE NIET WEG !!!!!!!!!!! VERZENDING PER POST.NL ---------------------------------------------------------------- Op BESTELLING ( 1 week) ook leverbaar in SURF GREEN !!!! zie foto
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